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What's sweeter than a clean kitchen? A cupcake Swedish dishcloth. How cute it looks by your sink is just the cherry on top.

    Why Swedish Cloths?

    • Replaces ~40 paper towels rolls
    • Reusable and Zero Waste
    • Machine Washable
    Compostable, keeps out of landfills
    • Made from cotton and plant-based cellulose fibers
    • Sustainable alternative to sponges and paper towels
    • Made in Sweden 🇸🇪

    Care Instructions

    Rinse after cleaning each mess
    Machine wash in dishwasher or laundry machine (avoid dryer)
    • Alternatively, boil or microwave for 1 minute to sanitize
    • Brighten your Swedish cloth with hydrogen peroxide


    W 6.5 in x L 8 in

    "I will never use a regular dish cloth again! Haven't purchased paper towels for over a year." -Janet

    The perfect clean

    Our community loves using Swedish cloths. It's a small change that makes a huge impact and genuinely makes cleaning more fun.